Why do the right thing

A great way to pierce through the delusion of the masses is by acting wholesomely, for no one acts in this way in this day and age. Almost every soul on this planet is obsessed with acquiring pleasure. It is for this reason that the actions of most are harmful. The addiction to pleasant sensations is an illness present in all and thus wholesome action does not happen. Unless otherwise.

It is through right action that the spell of mundane view is broken. The rebel rises and declares war on idiot behavior.

In degenerate times, the righteous act is the “sin”, it is direct defiance of the normality of the masses. Holy are those brave enough to manifest selfless action, even when selflessness hasn’t been realized.

When someone does what no one dares to do, the fire is started. Through the repetition of such virtuous deeds, the fire grows and consumes impurities in one’s body, speech and mind. 

At first, the anxiety rises. What physical body feels relief when doing the right thing when all it knows is slavery to self-indulgence, hedonism, and sensual pleasure? What speech feels relief when all it knows is how to express harshness or repress truthfulness? What mind can be open when all it knows are fantasies created by itself?

When doing the right thing, at first anxiety rises. Then, it ceases. But you must continue doing rightful deeds until you develop a tolerance to the absence of pleasure, and to the presence of effort.

Through such purification, the fire extends to others and begins burning all selfish tendencies. If someone resists being consumed by the fire of wholesomeness, it is driven away inexorably, for blindness cannot bear the presence of light. The deaf continue to seek delight here and there, voluntarily unaware of the consequences of their madness. They will burn alright, but not by the fire of wholesomeness.

As we become selfless through the fire of wholesomeness, the empty, selfless stare in our eyes rises. We begin to see without selfish filters, without the biases of our stories, without the stubbornness of our selfish desires.

This emptiness stares back at ourselves, at others, at everything. This emptiness is aware of you and me, of all ghosts, animals, and Gods. This emptiness is mindful of all idiocy and awakened activity.

It is the space of freedom, the space to move, to become unstuck. It is the freedom to become admirable, noble, and heroic. The freedom to become a savior of worlds, a warrior against all spiritual illnesses, a liberator of beings from the “self” delusion.

May we discover the power of wholesome actions, so that we burn away our selfishness in order to become the emptiness that sees and provides the freedom to be admirable, noble, and heroic.