How to live a spiritual life

Photo by Sadan Ekdemir on Unsplash

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“Spiritual life begins when you begin to perceive the everyday aspects of your day as sacred events.

Before spiritual training, our mind is conditioned to see people, objects, and different situations of the day, as ordinary events, material, and devoid of any sacred character.

From the moment we are born until today, we have conditioned our minds to see things like this. For the same reason, changing it requires time or the occurrence of something strong enough to interrupt all the filters that live in our senses.

Our minds are not used to living a spiritual life

Not only is it difficult to maintain a spiritual life, just deciding to become spiritual is difficult. Entertainment, consumption, buying prefabricated experiences, acquiring things, academic degrees, diplomas, houses, cars, furniture, things to brag about, are more important than becoming spiritual.

There is nothing wrong with material prosperity. It is very helpful. What is harmful is to assume that this will end human suffering.

It is not about becoming religious, which of course has its merits and benefits. I am referring to consciously studying sacred texts, doing exoteric and esoteric rituals, and verbalizing words sacred in nature, to purify our senses from all kinds of spiritual diseases. Additionally, I am referring to incorporating an ordinary routine into this very spiritual, purifying practice. I mean to perceive all phenomena (material and intangible) as pure events.

That is the spiritual life. For many, it sounds like something distant, it sounds alien, it sounds like something that I don’t know if I would like to experience or not.

Why would anyone adopt a spiritual lifestyle?

The short answer: because we urgently need to stop being harmful.”

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