How to be free

Photo by Alex Talmon on Unsplash

Having to get up every day to do the same things (do the same boring job, do the same dishes and pay the same bills) may feel like a prison. But this conditioned existence conditions something else: our idea of freedom.

We come up with dream states like financial freedom, living in Paris, finding true love, being professionally successful, doing what you truly love. 

But all that is part of the prison. We’re all locked up in a dual penitentiary: the conditioned AND its unconditioned aspect. 

“I hate my job. If only I worked at a cooler company.”

“I hate paying bills. If only I had more spending money.”

“I hate being unemployed. If only I had more skills to get a better job.”

“I love my kids but I hate having no time. If only I had time for myself.”

“I hate my body. If only it were different.”

Beyond such thinking lies the infinite, the space where authentic living happens. 

One thing is to spend your whole life feeling miserable because you feel conditioned (and perhaps even achieve your idea of the “unconditioned”), and another is to actually be unconditioned right now, regardless of the physical or mental limitations you currently endure.

Ok, so you can’t quit your job, you still need to pay bills, you may still be unemployed, have no time for yourself and your body isn’t perfect.

Thinking over and over about your current situation and your lack of “freedom”, is the worst way to spend your days. It drains you, it makes everything heavier. Such thinking doesn’t even change your life.

What changes your life is change itself, not thinking over and over about your miserable status quo.

A quick way to enact change is through action. Just do something. Even if it’s not an act that leads to your dream state. The whole purpose of acting is doing something else other than thinking useless things.

Form a habit of being active. In it, you’ll discover the freedom you yearn for through dream states. Become aware of your actions. If your mind is busy with small acts, it isn’t thinking futile thoughts.

Then, mindfully begin doing small things that change your condition. You may do the same things you do every day, and you could add a small deed that leads to the unconditioned state. 

For example: When you wake up, instead of just getting coffee and waiting for it to kick in, have a fruit too. Perhaps a banana, an apple or an orange. Let the vitamins and energy enter your system gradually and see how that lets you start your day.

When you grab your phone, instead of your daily dose of social media, open up your language app and practice for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Start small, and let the habit build itself. Let these small acts spread like a virus (a good one) and before you know it, your life will be different.

The key here is this: action isn’t thinking useless thoughts. Action is manifesting change.