Why we need to be spiritually heroic

In Dharma, we become heroic when we betray our harmfulness. For instance, when we abstain from indulging in anger, arrogance, and impatience. Or when we don’t give in to unhealthy eating habits, excessive drinking, or drug use. We’re heroic when we don’t succumb to sexual urges that lead to unwholesome consequences. Heroism also rises when […]

The lineage of the Noble Ones

Arya (Sanskrit ārya; Pāli: ariya) adjective m & neuter (adjective) belonging to the Ariya people (adjective & masculine) noble, sublime, fine; belonging to the noble ones (used especially of the Buddha’s teaching and followers, almost = ‘Buddhist’); a noble one (one who is not puthujjana) Puthujjana (Sanskrit: pṛthagjana; Pāli: puthujjana) masculine a common world-ling; uneducated person a low man, an unenlightened, […]