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Your dear friend impermanence

imageWhy is seeing or hearing a cascade soothing? Not just because its nice, but also because you’re resting your visual or auditive consciousness upon its impermanence.

Why is a massage soothing? Not just because it feels good, but also because you’re resting your mind upon the impermanence of tactile sensations.

Why is jumping in a pool soothing? Not just because water feels cool, but also because you’re forcing your attention to become impermanent through sudden refreshing sensations.

Same with the breath. Rest upon its impermanence as it inhales and exhales and you’ll soothe awareness to the point of easing fixations. And we don’t even think of breathing as a hedonist activity.

Why is resting your mind upon impermanence soothing? Because you cling to nothing. So go ahead, un-cling from phenomena.

Warning: you’ll also soothe your grip on your identity and this may be fun …or not. Depending on how much you love being you.