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We’re all driving under the influence

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 20.15.09This may sound like bad news, and it could be bad news.

But that’s the way it goes sometimes, when things are seen as they truly are.

But this new piece of information can also be good news. It all depends on your willingness to be amazed by simple truth.

The dreadful fact is: We’re all driving under the influence, under the influence of our dreams.

But it’s ok to dream and live the dream, except when life doesn’t fit the scene we see.

This mismatch may be the source of all depression, of our loss of motivation. It could also be the reason why all days taste like bitter lectures.

But the cure is not to kill the dream, nor to ignore its vivid nature.

All we have to do is let it live all it wants, but also let it die as it is its nature.

And as for the life so distant from our dream, the same remedy can be applied: Let life live exactly as life is, and let death die, exactly as death is.