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The joy of saying it like it is

imageWhen things are fucked up, acknowledging they are fucked up is such a relief.

Try it.

I used to look for the bright side of all the bad stuff. Not to make it better, but to find some sort of wisdom behind the ugliness of days. And yeah, wisdom’s there. Plenty of stuff to learn. But I also noticed that I’d still feel like crap, even after uncovering the lessons of all downfalls.

And then it hit me: just fucking say it like it is.

“Today is a shitty day.”

Oh man, such freedom. Such relief. True Nirvana right there for all the shit that happens.

And the mechanics behind this wonderful medicine are simple: looking for the bright side does not give its rightful place to fucked up things, recognizing their existence does.

So there, spit it out and feel good.