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The ailment of the 21st century

This world can add one more sickness to its list of illnesses: Blind Activism.

The symptoms of blind activists:

  • Hate in their “no-hate” speech.
  • Nazi-like behavior in their “anti-fascist” struggle.
  • Sadism in their execution of “justice”.
  • Religious fanatic worship of their “no God/Secularism”.
  • Inability to recognize the benefits of conservative views, religions, spirituality.
  • Sexual discrimination in their fight for sexual equality.
  • Demonization of tradition and imposition of “modernity”.
  • Unresolved homophobia in their anti-homophobia.
  • Unresolved misogyny in their feminism.
  • Unresolved racism in their anti-racism.

The cure: Merciless honesty about oneself. A rare virtue for sure.

Suggested meditation instructions:

  1. Be mindful of your breathing.
  2. Be mindful of your breathing and your need to fight bad things.
  3. Sustain the mindfulness of your breathing and your need to fight bad things, and let the need morph naturally until it becomes “no need to fight bad things”.
  4. Continue changing bad things without the need to fight them.